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Pet Shop Boys album ‘PopArt: The Hits’ is one of the most expensive CDs sold in history on Discogs

With an incredibly devoted fanbase, the Pet Shop Boys have continued to tour the world and release new music while celebrating the many hits that helped them achieve their success.  The strong appeal of the group has extreme collectors searching the globe for limited pressings of the group’s music and some pay a pretty penny for these items.

While many music fans will believe that the CD is well past its glory days, the medium is continuing to sell around the world, and collectors will still search high and low for specific and rare items.  Browsing the popular music collection and pricing database, Discogs, will showcase some of the more difficult-to-find items and the cost some will pay to obtain them.  Case in point, the Pet Shop Boys Japanese release, 5 Songs From Our History – Pop Art The Hits = 5 曲で歷史を見せてやる! was a region-specific release back in 2003, and limited to just 25 copies produced.  It served as a promotional copy for the Pop Art album, but was not meant for resale and came packaged in a simple gatefold sleeve.

Now 20 years, that hard-to-come-by CD has earned a spot on Discogs 50 Most Expensive CDs Ever Sold list for the incredible sale price of $2309.15.  Although the cost is still about a thousand dollars less than the top seller on the list, it is still an incredbile sum for a CD and truly showcases the interest of limited run, region specific, promotional copy pressings.  As the Pet Shop Boys look to continue their own greatest hits tour throughout 2023, it is certainly an appropriate timing for fans to be eyeing a release promoting the groups greatest hits album.

For those genuinly curious about high priced CDs, the Discogs list iis a great way to get aquainted with the market for limited release singles and promotional copies, which tend to draw the higher price tags as opposed to the mass produced general releases that flooded the market for years.

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