Pete Tong

Pete Tong, Ultra Naté, LP Giobbi and Jules Buckley team up for orchestral rework of ‘Free (Do What U Want)’: Listen

This long-awaited release brings together Pete Tong, Ultra Naté, LP Giobbi and conductor Jules Buckley in a stunning mash-up of classics.

Freedom. This primordial right of humanity was challenged to its ultimate end a short time ago when the world was trapped and isolated by the terrible pandemic of COVID-19. Always taken for granted, freedom was put on hold and was the essential good that took the longest to be restored to people’s daily lives. Today the freedom to dance and enjoy live music is back and all the songs that exalt freedom have served as an anthem to the moment of recovery. One such case is the great Ultra Naté classic ‘Free (Do What U Want)’. Originally released in 1998, it marks a decade and several generations. It’s Ultra Nate’s biggest hit, it’s a showcase of his unrivalled strong voice and it’s also a powerful political, social and musical message. Amazon Music challenged them to create something unique and exclusive and Pete Tong enlisted house piano expert LP Giobbi and his long-time partner Jules Buckley to record one of the classics Tong and Jules present at the famous Ibiza Classics shows. The choice fell to Ultra Naté’s biggest hit ‘Free (Do What U Want)’ which is here blended gracefully with Rozalla‘s 1991 hit ‘Everybody’s Free (To Feel Good)’. Get ready to get goosebumps as this Amazon UK exclusive is available now on the usual streaming platforms.

Pete Tong and Jules Buckley are already a regular pair, as together with the Heritage Orchestra they present amazing shows every year where with guest vocalists they transform some of Ibiza’s greatest classics into stunning orchestrated versions. It is in line with that project that they now produce this mindblowing rework of ‘Free (Do What U Want)’ by Ultra Naté, with the collaboration of the singer herself who once again lends her powerful voice.

This orchestral rework begins in heavenly fashion with the choir, quickly joined by Ultra Nate’s renowned vocals and LP Giobbi’s keys. It’s joy, strength and several generations of dance music all in one track. The release also includes a club edit by LP Giobbi, designed for the dancefloor. It will certainly be a must on the winter arena tour of Ibiza Classics shows this year.


Image Credit: Pete Tong / Provided by TRIPLE THREAT MGMT