Röyksopp ‘Melody A.M.’ is one of the most expensive vinyl sold in history

For record collectors, the attention to detail and scarcity of an album is akin to the hunt for the holy grail, as fans search high and low for unique pieces and occasionally fork over hefty sums of cash to obtain that which they desire. The digital marketplace, collectors guide, and pricing metrics of the popular website Discogs break down some of the most expensive items sold and a copy of 2001’s Melody A.M. by Röyksopp has ranked near the top of the list.

While many individuals, especially in the streaming age when fans have literally millions of songs at their fingertips may scoff at the idea of spending even hundreds of dollars, let alone thousands on a record, the medium is again gaining popularity and true collectors are hoping to fill gaps in their own collections.  It may seem absurd, but the audience and the buyers absolutely exist and the prices that a record can fetch will certainly astound many.  To help curious parties keep tabs on what is selling and for how much, Discogs is an excellent resource, and they also share lists to spotlight content such as the 50 Most Expensive Vinyl Records, and how much they sold for.

While Röyksopp is not the top seller, they do rank very high on the list for a copy of Melody A.M. which sold for an astounding price of $10465.10.  For the uninitiated in the club of record collecting, it is important to note that average records will not skyrocket to such exorbitant amounts, but rather it is limited and unique pressings that push the cost up.  In the case of Röyksopp, the particular copy of the album was limited to just 100 copies pressed and features a street art design by the world-famous artist Banksy.  Now if you don’t know anything about Banksy, a quick internet search will tell you that his works can easily sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars, making the price of Melody A.M. seem a little more reasonable.


Image Credit: Röyksopp via Stian Andersen (Wikimedia Commons) | License: Attribution 3.0 Unported (CC BY 3.0)

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