Skrillex & Fred Again

Skrillex announces highly anticipated Fred again.. collaboration releasing January 4th

The dance music world is beginning the year with a focus on one man, Skrillex, who set the internet ablaze with a recent post that seems to point to the release of not just one but two albums in 2023.  While the dubstep producer has occasionally surfaced in recent years to share a few singles, his last complete body of work came in the form of his 2014 debut full-length album, Recess.

After several years of talk, teasing, and anticipation, it appears that Skrillex is finally ready to share the next chapter of his work with the world and he will be kicking things off right away by releasing one of the most highly anticipated tracks perhaps ever in dance music, Rumble, which features Fred Again and Flowdan.  The world first got a taste of the epic energy of the track during Fred Again’s now legendary Boiler Room set early in 2022, when the British producer played the track as well as several other unreleased collaborations with Skrillex.

With the long wait for the release just hours away, the internet and fans around the world will surely be refreshing their preferred streaming services promptly at midnight in order to get to listen to Rumble as soon as possible.  Thanks to the Boiler Room set, fans have been able to get a taste of the track but will no doubt be excited to hear a final version and listen for any updates and tweaks made by the producers in the interim.  Beyond that, the release merely indicates the official beginning of Skrillex season as fans will expect more music sooner than later, as well as be on the lookout for new music from his collaboration with Boys Noize, Dog Blood, which is also expected to release new music early this year!

Image Credit: Carl Pocket via Wikimedia Commons | License: Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0) & Fred Again.. / Provided by Outside Organisation

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