Trimtone share funky new single ‘I Belong to U’: Listen

Wasting no time in delivering a fresh, funky single for the new year, Trimtone has already shared their first production of 2023, the new single, I Belong to U. The UK duo of Tony Walker and Marc Dennis are saying goodbye to 2022 as they look forward to another successful trip around the sun, bringing their own brand of funk and dance to fans around the world.

This latest production arrives to fans via Peppermint Jam which shared a warm welcome message via their social media to celebrate the duo’s first release on the label, “A very warm welcome to Trimtone aka Tony Walker & Marc Dennis for their first release on PJ. „I Belong to you“ is proper 21st century soul, check that breakdown folks! This is right up our valley…”  The words couldn’t be truer as I Belong To U perfectly captures the fun and funk of an era long gone in music, but maintains a modern feel thanks to the energy and production of the single.  Opening right away with a funky, thumping bassline, it carries the listener forward over the foundation of percussion and eventually introduces light guitar chops and a full horn lead to complete the package. 

As if that wasn’t enough to get the dance floor moving, a smooth, soulful female vocal takes over, crooning about the power and passion of her affections, and the energy that resonates within her when they are around.  “You can make a true believer out of me, you can make me all I ever want to be,” bursts from the speaker with a passion and hipness that is befitting of the entire style of the track.

With a massive radio show, Love To Be…Global Connection reaching over 100 radio stations, and 10 million listeners worldwide, the duo certainly knows how to entertain their audience.  Now with the release of I Belong to U, Trimtone adds another funky weapon to their arsenal for their live shows and mission to get the world dancing.


Image Credit: Press / Provided by MCPR

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