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We Rave You’s Artists To Watch In 2023 [Magazine Featured]

As we begin another annual cycle of new music, We Rave You takes a look at which artists we should keep an eye on during 2023.

Leaving 2022 behind and welcoming in 2023, the turn of the new year brings with it a plethora of opportunities for artists to take their creativity to the next level. Last year we have seen many artists excel in crafting soundscapes like never heard before, sharing them with new audiences, subsequently calling in a new and innovative age of dance music. Now, we can’t wait to see what the new year brings with it; so here is our take on who you should keep an eye and ear on this year…



2022 had proved rather quiet for everybody’s favourite LA-based producer, but that could mean big things are on the horizon for Skrillex this year. Ever since Fred Again..’s crazy boiler room set back in June, Skrillex IDs have been flying around like nobody’s business, building up the anticipation of two new albums arriving imminently this year. His absence from the touring scene has also fuelled the rumours, spawning the idea of a potential world tour throughout 2023. A brief appearance at Porter Robinson’s Secret Sky recently proved that he had an abundance of unreleased music in the tank, and from previous experience we know for sure it’s going to be damn good. Just because he is already a big name doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch this space, as Sonny Moore is hopefully set to expand upon his legacy like never before.



Another gifted UK export, London-based producer TSHA, continues to take great strides in her early career. Once dubbed BBC’s “Future Artist”, her imagination has run free across the course of 2022, with dynamic records such as ‘BOYZ’, ‘Water’, and ‘Dancing In The Shadows’ lighting up any stage she touches. Honing in on minimalistic new rave sounds, she embarked on an illustrious European tour last summer, finding a particularly favourable home on the White Isle of Ibiza. 


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