A Deeper Look Into Komashov’s Musical Storytelling

Music has long been used to tell stories of love, betrayal, life struggles, or even determination to overcome obstacles. This is because music has the power to evoke emotion, create a lasting impression, and convey meaning. It also transcends all distances, making it one of the perfect art forms to convey messages between different cultures. Komashov, a fast-rising DJ and producer, has used this to tell his story and encourage the world.

Komashov believes music is the one thing that unites humanity. It helps people embrace their true selves, including their emotions, and shows the listener that whatever they are experiencing will pass and that they are not alone. He aims to show the world this through his creations. To achieve that, Komashov creates happy, inspirational, and hopeful music.

The renowned musician seeks to capture the complexities of life, often with a focus on the beauty of communal love and the power of resilience in the face of diversity. Komashov’s music storytelling comes from the endless search for happiness and emotional moments that satisfy him the most.

Truly an artist who gave everything up for his craft, Komashov left a promising job in the green energy industry to follow his passion for music. While it was a huge risk, he felt this was something he needed to do to unlock the next chapter in his life. He began honing his music skills and working on his brand, and eventually, his work started gaining traction.

Komashov’s style has built him a solid name in the industry, with thousands recognizing his work. He shares that one of his career highlights was playing his first public gig in front of 4000 people. “Playing in front of so many people as an upcoming DJ was a defining moment. It gave me the courage that I actually have the skills to pursue music and DJing and gave me all the assurance I ever wanted. After this, I knew I was in love with DJing,” Komashov says. He encourages the listener to follow their passions and not give up. While it can be challenging, pursuing your passion is extremely rewarding.

As he continues to build his brand, Komashov says one of his goals is to create more timeless and inspirational projects that his fans will relate to. He is also looking to do more shows both nationally and internationally. In the coming years, he says he hopes to collaborate with more names and do a global tour to connect with his fans from across the world.

Komashov advises aspiring and up-and-coming DJs, music producers, and other artists to believe in their craft, never listen to the critics, and invest in their brands. Today, as an artist without a solid online brand, it is hard to get your work out to the public and even interact with other artists. Social media also helps you connect with your fans and keep them up to date on upcoming shows and projects.

When asked about his advice for aspiring artists, Komashov stressed the importance of working smart and never giving up. It is never too late to start, and every problem has a solution; you just need to find it.


Image Credit: Komashov (Press) / Provided by Ascend Agency

Acting as the CEO and founder of the site, the highly successful entrepreneur soon saw his team grow meteorically under his stewardship, amassing more than 1 million followers across the brand’s platforms. In addition, working with esteemed global entities such as Tomorrowland, AMF, EXIT Festival, Ushuaïa, Hï Ibiza, Parookaville and many others festivals and clubs aswell as some of the world’s most reputable record labels, artists and agencies.

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