Adam Beyer

Adam Beyer drops hypnotic new release ‘Legend’: Listen

Adam Beyer debuts his 2023 roster of releases with an elegant techno cut on his imprint Drumcode.

This year is shaping up to be a strong one for Adam Beyer when it comes to releases. Judging by his first offering of the year, it’s safe to believe so. After having tested this ID over and over again at last year’s summer festivals and also in club season, Beyer finally releases the anticipated ‘Legend‘. This exquisite specimen of underground music is already available on the usual platforms via, obviously, Drumcode.

For over two decades, Adam Beyer and his Drumcode label have been synonymous with quality techno, remaining at the top of the food chain of his circuit. An indestructible figure in modern techno, Beyer continues to innovate and push the envelope, delivering fresh and highly desirable sounds every time. Adam Beyer has a packed schedule for this year, including his first solo show at Coachella, where he will headline the Yuma stage.

It’s been a few years since 2018, but the success of ‘Your Mind‘ by Adam Beyer and Bart Skills remains very much present. ‘Legend’ promises to be his big successor, and is already considered by many to be one of Beyer’s biggest original tracks of recent times. This release also comes after the highly acclaimed three-track EP ‘Dirty Lagoon‘ released early last year and the incredible remix of Sam Paganini‘s ‘Rave‘ with Layton Giordani.

‘Legend’ is a force of nature. The chants you hear in the background give it an epic, half-mythological character, placing it in a divine field. The synth line is magnificent, bewitching your senses from the first minute. Perfectly orchestrated, the layers mesmerise you in a tight tension that is released with an elegant drop. It is without a doubt a high-level production worth listening to on repeat.


Image Credit: Press / Provided by Clare Dickins PR