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Armand Van Helden 1998 anthem ‘U Don’t Know Me’ climbs back on Beatport chart

It is obvious that style, production, fashion, and technology have changed rapidly since 1998, but great art can endure those cultural shifts and persevere over time, and Arman Van Helden is proving that as one of his classic songs has returned to the charts.  His classic single, U Don’t Know Me featuring Duane Harden is continuing to stay relevant as its fans new and old sit with this 25-year-old anthem.

Way back in the late 90s, as the world awaited what may or may not come from the dreaded Y2K bug and the turn of the century, dance music had yet to establish itself as the global phenomenon and cultural force that it is today.  While certain acts like The Prodigy or singles such as Darude’s Sandstorm broke through the nu-metal and boy bands that dominated the charts at the time, dance music remained largely an underground venture.  It was in this climate that Armand Van Helden prepared to release what would be his third album, and the lead single, U Don’t Know Me would propel his stature to new heights as the track made it to the number two spot on the Billboard Hot Dance Music/ Club Play chart and number one on the UK Singles Chart.

That success helped further establish him as a DJ and producer and further hone the successful career that he continues today.  As a new generation of dance music fans taps into the culture, they continue to look back on the history and legacy that helped elevate it to the status at which it sits today, and U Don’t Know Me is certainly an important pillar in that story.  The ongoing impact of the track can be seen by looking over the Beatport House Top 100 Tracks chart where Armand Van Helden’s classic single currently sits at the number 67 spot.

Whether you have the track before and are reminiscing about your youth, or this is your first time discovering this classic, enjoy U Don’t Know Me below.

Image Credit: Armand van Helden (Press) / Provided by Infectious PR

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