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Calvin Harris shares preview of new Ellie Goulding collaboration

Last week, social media blew up when Calvin Harris and Ellie Goulding revealed that they were back in the studio together working on what will be their third single together.  Although Calvin Harris just released his sixth studio album, Funk Wave Bounces Vol. 2 back in August of 2022, the Scottish producer appears excited to get back to work on more new music in the near future.

Of course, fans still clamor for the duo’s first collaboration together, the iconic single from Harris’ third album, 18 Months, I Need Your Love.  While it is tough to point solely to that track for the success of the album, it did have nine top 10 singles on it, the incredible vocals from Ellie Goulding certainly are as iconic as any song in dance music and still reverberate with fans today anytime the track blasts from the speakers.  After revealing that there were working together, Calvin Harris went a step further to reveal some of Goulding’s recorded vocals as he works mixing them and building a track.

In the clip he shared to TikTok, he writes, “Loveeee working with a unique vocal like Ellie Goulding Gonna show more from studio soon if you wanna see it lmk.”  It seems safe to say that fans everywhere want more content like this from Calvin Harris, getting an inside look at his production process and a tease of what to expect musically from him in the future.  As he also notes in the post, this track will complete the trilogy, along with the aforementioned I Need Your Love and Outside from his 2014 album, Motion.

While there has been no information regarding a potential release date or whether this will be part of a new album, the excitement for the single is still palpable as the work between Calvin  Harris and Ellie Goulding is certainly top-notch.


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