Chris Corkal

Chris Corkal unveils emotional liquid drum & bass tune ‘Easy To Love’: Listen

Chris Corkal, an emerging liquid drum & bass artist, has unveiled his debut single in the form of the cinematic and mesmerising ‘Easy To Love,’ a preview of his upcoming EP.

Writing his first album just last year, Chris Corkal is an emerging Vancouver-based liquid drum & bass artist who is finally ready to share with the world what he has to offer. Inspired by his brother Richard who sadly passed away due to a drug addiction back in 2016, he has taken this pain and put it all into music, with the result being a soundscape that is deeply impactful, emotional and tells the story of pain versus happiness. Now, he’s sharing the fruits of his labour and it all begins with ‘Easy To Love,’ the first glimpse of his upcoming ‘PINK CLOUD‘ EP.

“Things are easy to love,” Corkal states. “And that can easily translate to people, or your partner, or friends, but it’s also easy to love things that are not good for us.” 

On the surface, ‘Easy To Love’ is a mesmerising production that starts with a soft tempo and a hypnotic female vocal, but its when you dig deeper into the track that you uncover what it truly is all about. The lyrics, which are further strengthened by the powerful soundscape, tell the story of how drugs are romanticised, being ‘easy to love’ yet quickly turning into something too addictive to let go of. Using cinematic synths to help express this journey and turmoil, it is simultaneously filled with emotion and heavy-hitting drops that aren’t afraid to hold back.

With this deeply personal release, Chris Corkal shares an important part of his life and his journey so far, with much more to come. Listen to ‘Easy To Love’ on all platforms now.

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