Kx5 deadmau5 x Kaskade

deadmau5 & Kaskade share set from record-breaking Kx5 show at the Los Angeles Coliseum

Kx5, consisting of Kaskade and deadmau5 has just uploaded the full record-breaking performance from December’s show at the Los Angeles Coliseum.

Last December, Kx5 set out to shatter records from the Los Angeles Coliseum as their debut performance.  The venue hosted a night to remember which consisted of over 45,000 attendees and a fresh setlist.  The concert is currently the largest single-day concert event headlined by an electronic music artist ever in North America.  Just today, Kx5 released their full setlist, which you can listen to courtesy of Apple Music.  The set is also available in Dolby Atmos spatial audio, giving you a full 360-degree listening experience.

In a statement from the event, Kaskade said, “When deadmau5 and I were given the opportunity to be the first electronic music artists to play there, as Kx5, in over a decade, we knew we had to come correct and make it special. We put all we had into it, and I think it shows. Being able to release this set is a love letter to our audiences everywhere, but it’s signed by the people who were there.” 

Adding to the sentiment, deadmau5 stated, “The Coliseum was truly an epic show. Even the generator catching fire and putting a pause on everything made a moment. We are sparing you with that, though, and making up for it with this pristine recording. We have all the great tracks and edits from the night all tied up in a nice package”

Listen to the full set from the Coliseum here.

Image Credit: Peter Don / Provided by Falcon Publicity