DJ Fluke, Jack Star, Jaki Nelson 'Temple'

DJ Fluke & Jack Star team up for big room banger ‘Temple’ feat. Jaki Nelson: Listen

Teaming up for a collaboration like no other, DJ Fluke and Jack Star have blessed fans alike with their latest release, in the form of ‘Temple.’ Adding that extra touch, singer/songwriter Jaki Nelson ensures nothing less than the most spectacular of vocals.

With collaborations far from few in the electronic dance industry, DJ Fluke and Jack Star have combined their talents, and in doing so, have blessed us all with a big room banger, entitled ‘Temple.’ Elevating the production to even further heights, singer/songwriter Jaki Nelson ensures nothing less than the most breathtaking of vocals, as ‘Temple’ is more than set on leaving a lasting impact within the dance scene and not only.

Acting as the Music Director for the largest nightclub in Australia, DJ Fluke has quite recently launched his own career as a DJ/producer, and despite the short timing, he has already been able to amass millions of streams with previous releases, as well as gaining support from fellow peers. In a similar fashion, Jack Star is looking to leave his own mark within our community, having already made a major impact back in Scotland, as well as gaining support from the likes of Blasterjaxx and Madison Mars. A collaboration that is destined for ultimate success, the addition of Jaki Nelson acts as the missing touch, with ‘Temple’ more than set on invoking an array of emotions for anyone lucky enough to get their hands on it.

Out now under UFO Recordz, ‘Temple’ will have listeners feeling some type of way from start to finish. A big room banger, combining each musical element to the utmost of perfection, each artist portrays their own unique style of play and qualities, with the end product also enforcing a clear message on personal empowerment and allowing others a second chance in life. As awe-inspiring as it can get, be sure to check out this certified hit in all its glory below, whilst streaming is also available through all major platforms here. Enjoy!



Image Credit: Press / Provided by UFO Network

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