Everything But The Girl 'Run A Red Light'

Everything But The Girl release second single from forthcoming album ‘Fuse’: Listen

Fans of Everything But The Girl are still rejoicing over the group’s announcement that they would return from a retirement begun in 1999 and would even be receiving a new album to mark the group’s return in 2023.  As excitement builds for the release of Fuse on April 21st, the married duo of Tracy Thorn and Ben Watt have delivered a second single ahead of the forthcoming album.

When Everything But The Girl (EBTG) released the new single, Nothing Left To Lose in early January, the music world was able to rejoice at the return of the iconic duo after over 23 years since their previous release.  As 2023 pushes forward, and the anticipation grows for the upcoming full-length album, EBTG is looking to keep fans engaged with the release of a second single from the album, the atmospheric and beautiful track, Caution To The Wind.  The new track opens with a steady clap, anchored by a pulsing lead that builds up until the mesmerizing vocals of Tracy Thorn kick in, elevating the mood and energy all at once.  The simplicity of the production and lyrics makes it even more powerful as every lyric seems to carry a heavier weight about the importance of moments, a point that Thorn discussed in writing the single:

“Lyrically, ‘Caution To The Wind’ is a simple song about arrival and seizing the moment, so with the music we tried to capture the feeling of a perpetual point in time.”

Equally as important, is the incredibly full yet simple production, driven by the continued percussion, the track builds after the first verse, adding a strong layer of synths and leads, yet never overwhelming the listener.  This symbiotic relationship between music and vocals is what gives the track its power and strength, something which Ben Watt balances perfectly in his execution:

“I let the words quickly collapse and loop inside the production,” said Watt. “The drums emerge and repeat, and everything then starts to unfold in cycles of anticipation and release. I guess it’s just classic nightclub tension and euphoria.”

With April 21st fast approaching, fans now have two singles to digest from the upcoming 11th album from EBTG.  Be sure to preorder any vinyl or CDs now from the group’s web store.




Image Credit: Edward Bishop

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