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Fatboy Slim uploads Big Beach Boutique 2002 to YouTube

Fatboy Slim has now allowed his fans to watch and relive his iconic 2002 Big Beach Boutique set anytime they want.  The English DJ spent time in 2022 looking back on the event for the 20th anniversary and he has now uploaded the complete video to YouTube.

On July 13th, 2002, Fatboy Slim took the stage in Brighton Beach in front of a massive crowd of 250,000 fans, a performance listed as the “biggest event Sussex has ever seen.”  The show was an obvious highlight in the storied career of Fatboy Slim and cemented his legacy in dance music and truly showcased the impact he had on a generation of fans.  As the 20th anniversary of the show came and went in 2022, the DJ celebrated the show by reminiscing about the performance and releasing the complete set on both CD and DVD, allowing fans to revisit the set anytime, and one edition that includes a 48-page hardcover book full of photos and a forward by Fatboy Slim.  At the time of the release, the audio from the event made its way to streaming services.

Now, Fatboy Slim has gone one step further and uploaded the entire video from the day onto YouTube for fans to watch over and over again.  The hour-and-a-half video and performance is a brilliant trek down memory lane, full of the style and energy that defined the world at the start of the new century.  From the opening shots, the massive size of the crowd will astound viewers, as it appears to be a literal sea of people, coupled with the fans on the literal sea, dancing from the boats!  It is truly an iconic moment in dance music history and truly very kind of Fatboy Slim to share the full video with fans everywhere.

Now that it’s out, go watch the classic Big beach Boutique 2002 performance and enjoy the legend at work!



Image Credit: Fatboy Slim / Provided by DawBell PR

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