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Fatboy Slim Big Beach Boutique 2002 documentary is officially available

It’s incredible to think that Fatboy Slim presented the second iteration of his Big Beach Boutique concerts over 20 years ago, drawing 250,000 fans to Sussex to witness the performance.  While the anniversary celebrations began in earnest last year, recognizing the true 20th anniversary, they are continuing on in the 21st year as more content is delivered to the fans.

Coming the same that Fatboy Slim has opted to upload the entire video of the performance to YouTube, fans are now able to stream a documentary of the event as well.  Available via Sky Documentaries and NOW, the documentary takes fans behind the scenes to reveal how Big Beach Boutique II, which was originally expected to draw 40,000 fans, erupted into one of the largest outdoor events that the UK had ever seen.  The documentary, which was produced by Ben Lowe and directed by Jak Hutchcraft, offers fans first-hand interviews about that iconic night in 2002.

“It has been wonderful with the fullness of time and some hindsight, to revisit such a seismic event in both mine and my hometown’s history,” Fatboy Slim said. “Warts and all, the story told in full…. Watch, sleep, rave, repeat.”

Fans who have been following the anniversary celebrations closely will know that Fatboy Slim originally released the documentary, as well as the entire performance in two physical editions last year, giving the public their first opportunity to truly relive the magic of Big beach Boutique II.  With the release of the full performance video to YouTube as well as the documentary now streaming, fans who opted not to purchase the CD and DVD collection are given a chance to experience the magic of that July night over 20 years ago.

Check out the full Right Here, Right Then documentary now streaming via Sky Documentaries and NOW to experience the magic of Big beach Boutique II.

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