H3RRON offers up beautiful new single ‘Let’s Fly’: Listen

Looking to deliver a sonic tale about emotion and true human reactions, H3RRON, pronounced HE-ron, the project was created to showcase a larger story of a producer navigating the different planets of the universe to discover new sounds.  Combining his songwriting and production with strong visuals and artistic concepts, H3RRON is using his art to break down boundaries between genres.

With his newest offering, Let’s Fly, H3RRON showcases his strong sense of melody and matches the lightness of the vocals, and produces a track that invokes the feeling of flying through its energy.  The bright production and vocals could be compared to the work of San Holo, another producer who values emotion and storytelling alongside the obvious goal of creating a danceable single.  Just past the halfway mark of the track, the track makes way for the vocals to shine through, proclaiming, “You take my feelings through the ceiling, I got this love yeah,” and it is impossible not to get all the feels from the emotion and passion of the delivering and the ensuing build of the music.

As H3RRON continues to explore genres, as well as his own emotional journey, using the studio like a diary as he navigates this thing called life, listeners are fortunate to get a front-row seat to the journey.  This journey is one that is being explored through Aether Escapism, a concept that when broken down, focuses on aether, “pure, bright air, heaven; brightness surrounding a deity,” and the other side being escapism, or “the tendency to seek distraction or relief from an unpleasant situation.”  It is this passion and honesty that make H3RRON so relateable in his works, as humans, we all have moments of fear, doubt, and concern, and it is a blessing to see that energy being turned into beautiful art.

Check out Let’s Fly from H3RRON now!



Image Credit: Provided by H3RRON

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