Joe Mesmar

Joe Mesmar discusses the impact of the pandemic on his mind and music

Canadian DJ and producer Joe Mesmar worked his way through the ranks and clubs of the underground scene by honing his craft in the studio and bringing energy and focus to his live sets.  While his earliest success began with the remix of the Josh Wink single, Balls, leading him to win a Beatport contest, his love and passion for music started at a young age when he dedicated himself to the drums before learning the ins and outs of electronic music production.  While this victory helped propel; Mesmar’s career and kicked off a set of collaborations with the likes of Eric Sneo, and Ramiro Lopez, his career truly catapulted when he remixed Automatica in 2015.  From here, Joe Mesmar would continue to hone his craft and create Techno music that would inspire other others while showcasing his own evolution.  Now the DJ continues to push forward, even running his own record label and hosting the Minds of Sin podcast.  Check out a recent interview below where Joe Mesmar discussces the evolution of his career and how Covid-19 impacted his state of mind:

How did covid affect your music career?

Covid definitely took a big hit in my music career.  All gigs were canceled and we were stuck at home during lockdowns, and of course, motivation was crushed. When you see your gigs getting canceled. You’re definitely going to feel down and less motivated.

I know a handful of artists that stopped making music and a lot of promoters/bookers who left the industry.

Artists were mainly relying on royalties, ghost production, and sales. It was crazy!

It was unfortunate for the DJs that’s for sure, but I’m still grateful for where I am, at the moment. Anyways, now we’re back to normal and life goes on! Lots of new gigs to be announced and more music to come!

Despite everything that happened. Covid helped me grow, centered myself, and started my own business.

What were your goals during the pandemic?

I had 3 goals that I gratefully achieved

Opening a business in AI in order to sustain myself
Produce more music during my free timeJ
Work on Self-growth & self-healing to become a better version of myself


Image Credit: Joe Mesmar (Press) / R.A Capture

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