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Johan Gielen & Ginchy come together for first collaboration ‘Loops & Tings’: Listen

Few dance music genres have the history and dedication that come with Trance music and the loyal followers that continue to devour tracks new and old while debating the merits of legends like Tiësto and Armin van Buuren’s continued evolution away from the sound that made them famous.  One of Trance’s most iconic names, Johan Gielen, continues to be a leader in the genre while also exploring and meshing together new styles and sounds as he aims to explore new genres as he celebrates 30 years in the music industry.

Looking to continue to push the boundaries and sound of Trance, Johan Gielen recently found himself in the studio with Ginchy where both artists were able to play off each other, creating a sound that felt exciting and fresh.  Within the London studio, the two artists utilized all the tools on hand, keyboards, synthesizers, and drum machines as they explored the boundaries of their imaginations as well as those of Trance music itself.  The true impetus came from Ginchy, who had been outlining a new track that he hoped would combine “the energy and excitement of techno with the melodic and emotional power of trance.”  Not one to back down from breaking boundaries, Gielen was on board, and the two worked freely for hours, layering loops and beats, exploring different synth sounds and even different chord progressions, as they searched for the sound in their minds.

As the evening began to turn into a new day, the two stepped back to listen to what they had created and they discovered a track full of energy and passion that would see their vision for the single fully realized.  With a title that may seem unorthodox for Trance music, Loops & Tings was born and quickly picked up by one of the most iconic labels on the planet, Black Hole Recordings.  As the track hit playlists and clubs around the world, the positive response was immediate, as the combination of Techno and Trance delivered fresh energy to listeners everywhere.

Now the world can finally hear the combined work of Johan Gielen and Ginchy, Loops & Tings via Black Hole Recordings.



Image Credit: Press Photo/ Johan Gielen

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