Kölsch Tomorrowland

Kölsch teams up with Tim Engelhardt to deliver two melodic masterpieces ‘Looking Class’ and ‘Full Circle Moment’: Listen

After testing to fine-tune these dreamy tracks, Kölsch finally shares his latest collaboration with Tim Engelhardt.

Music has the ability to transport you through time and space and make you navigate through worlds never visited before. Not all music does this equally, but there are melodic tunes that enter your ear and profoundly manipulate your mind and body, as is the case with ‘Looking Class‘ and ‘Full Circle Moment‘ resulting from Kölsch’s collaboration with Tim Engelhardt and available now via IPSO.

Kölsch is one of Denmark’s prodigious musical exports, world-renowned for the hat that always accompanies him behind the decks, but also for his unbelievable productions. Meticulously approached with the level of the most respected music sheets, the search for perfection makes Kölsch’s pieces true techno-inspired works of art.

It was also techno that attracted Tim Engelhardt to electronic music. Hailing from Cologne, Tim has been glued to music since he was a child, a time when his creativity already pushed him into production. The holistic way they both approach music makes this collaboration solid and gleaming, resulting in two simply brilliant tracks.

If hearing any of these tracks reminds you of last year’s Tomorrowland or any other festival or party where Rune Reilly Kölsch, aka Kölsch, was at the helm of a DJ set, you might not be wrong. The quest to release as tuneful versions of these tracks as possible led to the Danish prodigy testing various versions of these tracks in various scenarios. The public reaction never disappointed, making ‘Looking Class’ and ‘Full Circle Moment’ two highly desired IDs in recent months. Now the wait is over and you can enjoy this pair of offers in their most sublimated state.

‘Looking Class’ arrives wrapped in a magical soundscape, full of the most appreciable elements in a piece of melodic techno. The synths are fluttery and the drums deep, giving it an ethereal yet extremely modern energy. Gladiators from space? You might feel that way. It’s a contemplative track when the layers are embarrassing, but a fervent dance tune when the drop floods you with sparkling energy. It’s certainly distinctive and full of class, as the title would predict.

‘Full Circle Moment’ is very different. Heartful, is extremely emotive from the very first seconds, immediately guaranteeing goosebumps. Soaked in a deliciously melancholy and deep, the track unfolds in various moods as if portraying a lifetime that closes in this ‘Full Circle Moment’. More than a moment, it makes you live a Momentum that transports you from a melancholic state to an uplifting one, in a transcendental sonic journey. Truly incredible.

These are two more Kölsch sharp shots, that you’ll want to listen to non-stop:


Image Credit: Tomorrowland