deadmau5 & Kaskade enlist Sofi Tukker for Kx5 collab ‘Sacrifice’: Listen

Will you sacrifice for me if I don’t sacrifice for you?” is the question posed by Sofi Tukker on the latest single by EDM super duo Kx5. The powerful question soars on top of the layered synths and melodic leads, a question fit for the times, both immensely personal but also a cultural evaluation of a world that so often finds selfish aims in human ambitions.

This massively philosophical question may also apply to the bold ambitions of deadmau5 and Kaskade to undertake such a project as Kx5, despite the looming expectations that come from both their individual careers, but also the shadow cast by their iconic early collaboration, ‘I Remember.’ The two producers showed no fear in joining forces and the immediate success of the project’s debut single, ‘Escape,’ certainly justified the new direction. As fans anxiously await the group’s debut album, arriving on March 17th, Sofi Tukker reflect on the meaning behind ‘Sacrifice’ and the honor of joining two icons on this musical journey:

“This song stings with the truth. It’s ultimately about ambition and about choosing yourself and your job over someone you love. It’s one of our favorite songs we’ve ever written, in part because it comes from such an honest and real place.  It’s not the style of song we usually create, which tends to be more fun and light. So collabing with deadmau5 and Kaskade for their Kx5 project felt like the perfect fit. They bring it into this dark techno world which amplifies the drama while making you dance. Somehow it feels so appropriate to have that soft emotional vocal followed by such a dark drop. We’ve been playing it out a bunch in our sets and it goes off every single time. It’s an honor to have a song with such legends. In fact, they created one of our favorite songs of all time, ‘I Remember’ which strikes that perfect balance between dance and emotion.”

Stream ‘Sacrifice’ by Kx5 and Sofi Tukker, out now!

Image Credit: Leah Sems courtesy of Falcon Publicity

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