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Labels to watch out for in 2023 [Magazine Featured]

With another year comes new opportunities and more growth. As we’ve already seen the labels that have dominated throughout 2022, we’re looking towards what labels we think are well worth keeping an eye on in these next 12 months. 

HypnoVizion Records

Towards the end of last year, everyone’s favourite trippy producer REZZ announced that she would be taking the leap and adding a new role to her resume: label head. A place for both established and upcoming artists to express themselves, we’re expecting to see some huge growth from her and the label in these upcoming months. With plans for not only new releases but label-curated events and more, we can’t wait to see it all as REZZ’s sound continues to grow into not only its own genre but a movement of its own. 

Future Rave

Another label that was established towards the end of last year, David Guetta and MORTEN have taken the next biggest leap in their Future Rave journey with the launch of the label of the same name. Starting with the release of their ‘Episode 2’ EP back in November, the pair have huge plans to not only host their own releases going forward but also to establish up and coming Future Rave producers, helping to spearhead the next generation of artists in the genre that they created. With an abundance of other talented young producers already pushing the sound forward, the label will no doubt have plenty of tracks to host in the coming months.

Off The Grid

With John Summit’s popularity only increasing by the day, people are looking towards his label to find the next biggest releases in the house & tech-house worlds. Becoming a tastemaker within those scenes, the label has already hosted talents such as Deeper Purpose and Max Styler, and has big plans in 2023. Not long ago tweeting out that they’re taking the label global this year with their own curated events in unique places, we can expect to see Off The Grid everywhere this year.

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