Linus Beatskip

LINUS BEATSKiP releases hard-hitting single ‘New Breed’: Listen

After growing up enamored with the Swedish rave scene and the energy of dance music, LINUS BEATSKiP stepped away for a few years to pursue a career in visual and graphic art, before returning to the production chair in 2020.  Armed with various inspirations, he creates hard-hitting tracks that transcend genres while taking listeners on a sonic journey.

With his latest track, NEW BREED, he is continuing this assault on the senses and delivering a single that is immediate in every sense of the word.  Lacking any proper introduction or segway, the percussion and bass start right in, alerting anyone in the vicinity of the energy and emotion about to be released in the track.  LINUS BEATSKiP has no other way to deliver a track but with this straightforward approach, highlighting the groovy techno bass and kick alongside the sensual vocals.

The pulsing energy and beauty of the female voice just elicit images of the club scene, a packed hall late in the evening with sparse lighting, and a DJ dictating the rhythms and energy of the packed room as hot breath and sweat dominate the air.  The track simply overwhelms the senses and showcases the lessons learned from years spent in the Swedish rave scene for LINUS BEATSKiP. Of course, don’t take this writer’s word for it, the producer reveals all this in his own words dedicated to NEW BREED:

To all the misfits,
to all of you that refuse to conform,
to the savage rebels that dare to see things differently,
to all of you people who push the constraining boundaries of society
– This track is for you!

Some might perceive us as lost or crazy,
but they don’t know that we are the NEW BREED.
We are the new force;
the higher thinkers.
We are choosing a path less traveled by.
We vibrate on the same frequency and together we evolve to a higher state and dimension.
NEW BREED is for you🖤🤍

Image Credit: Press Photo// LINUS BEATSKiP

Avid music fan, and avid music producer! Producer and songwriter for NOHC.

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