Mari Ferrari

Mari Ferrari delivers futuristic new single ‘Once Again’: Listen

Mari Ferrari approaches her music, career, and visuals with a focus and aesthetic that demands attention when confronted with her art and presence.  Her passion for futurism helps drive her art as she utilizes the concept in the creation of her visual and audio works.

From the opening percussion of her latest single, Once Again, Mari Ferrari clearly has a direction and energy for the musical journey she is about to guide her listeners on.  The track quickly picks up with steady bass and the use of vocal samples to build the foundation before the deep voice of the main topline kicks in, creating a hauntingly dark and enticing vibe, that engulfs the listener and certainly will go over well in clubs around the world when it blasts from the speakers. Ferrari continues to build the energy, offering stripped sections of the track where the listener can catch their breath as the momentum continues forward, as the bass drops out, a foundation of risers and other FX elements help build back to the main drop where the bass and vocal again carry the track, creating a strong energy.

While Mari Ferrari carefully curates her image and artwork, utilizing her own ability as a 3-D artist to develop visuals, she notes the important connection between the visual and the audio for her, “The music and visuals must be a part of a whole, the atomic, to convey an artist’s true thought and inspiration.”  Having spent time on stages all around the world, she has had plenty of time to hone her craft and make an impact on the audiences who get to experience her full vision in person.

Once Again, out now via Confession Label, marks another incredible look into the future as only Mari Ferrari can deliver.

Image Credit: Mari Ferrari (Press)

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