Marshmello at Ultra Mexico 2018

Marshmello shares classic sounding single ‘Unity’: Listen

When Marshmello first exploded on the music scene with his feel-good festival anthems, the masked producer leaned heavily into bright synths, subtle vocal chops, and bright leads for his productions.  Harkening back to the sound that defined his original Joytime release, his latest offering, Unity, will certainly satisfy his day-one followers.

In recent years, Marshmello has expanded his sound, leaning heavily into pop and hip-hop at different points in his career, as he has found success teaming up with stars like Selena Gomez, Juice WRLD, and Halsey.  While these works certainly helped expand his reach and make him a staple on the radio, his own production and sound are probably most recognizable when he is on his own, creating anthems like his breakout single, Alone.

With the release of Unity, already the second track of the year for Marshmello, fans will quickly recognize the pitched vocals, bright synths, and infectiously happy lead that have defined so many of the helmet producers’ work.  While the single may not be breaking new ground, it is certainly a fun escape for the two minutes and 48 seconds it is on. Kicking right off with synths, a lead, and a massive clap, the track wastes no time in getting to the heart of the production.
Like so many of his solo tracks, especially the Joytime 2 collection, this is clearly meant for the festival stages and will fit nicely among other back catalog standards.  While this single may not be the go-to track for playlists and casual listening, its quick burst of energy will be perfect for the gym, and maybe kicking things up a notch at a big gathering or party.  Marshmello reminds fans that he exists to be fun, and knows how to write a track that will certainly resonate when he steps on stages around the world.

Check out Unity, out now streaming everywhere!

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