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Michael Jackson estate preparing to sell late singer’s catalogue for $800 million

Few stars have conquered their art form and generation the way Michael Jackson did with his monumental run of albums in the 1980s. The late musician earned his title as the King of Pop and sold millions of records along the way.

Even despite troubling allegations regarding his relationships with young boys, including a proper investigation into his personal life in the 90s, as well as the recent 2019 documentary, Leaving Neverland, the legacy and impact of his music still resonate with fans around the world.  With major artists now selling their catalogs to record labels and publishing companies for large sums, the singer’s estate appears set to sign off on a record-breaking deal that would put the collection back into Sony’s hands, along with a group of financial partners who will supplement the cost.

At a reported sale of $800 million, it would be the largest deal yet of any catalog purchase, surpassing the massive $600 million that was paid to Bruce Springsteen not too long ago.  With the negotiation of the sale, Sony would be controlling Michael Jackson’s full solo catalog, his later work with the Jackson 5, as well as music for his broadway show as well as upcoming biopic pic, simply titled Michael.  Of course, that purchase includes his landmark album, the 1982 album Thriller, which holds the distinction of being the first record to reach 30 times platinum sales, and is currently sitting upward of 70 times platinum, making it the best-selling album of all time.

As the sale becomes official, it would reset the bar for what artists could potentially earn from selling back their catalogs, and certainly be a massive win for the Jackson estate.  With more upcoming projects in the works to continue to celebrate the legacy of Michael Jackson, it seems that Sony is making this purchase at an ideal time.

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