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Bubba Brothers return to Mossdeb Sound with two brand-new dance floor tracks: Listen

The incredible duo, Bubba Brothers make an impressive return to Mossdeb Sound with two brand-new tracks ‘Frentic’ and ‘Desire’ along with a remix by Eddy Romero.

The duo Bubba Brothers have kicked off their release schedule in style with their return on Mossdeb Sound with two new bangers. Along with their new releases, Eddy Romero adds his magic to their new release with an amazing new remix for ‘Desire’.

The unmissable duo is ready to kick off their release schedule with this impressive release titled like the name of the tracks, ‘Frenetic Desire’, that showcases their signature and hard-hitting style and sound, as well as their love for Tribal and Latin sounds, which they blend into these two tracks having, as a result, smashing bangers that aim to surpass the duo’s previous achievements.

Following their impressive journey last year, playing gigs at iconic venues like Rooftop Eva in Portugal and Es Paradis in Ibiza, to name some, while reaching the charts with their releases, the duo is set to unleash new exciting bangers that will cause a ripple in the Electronic Dance music world.

For this release, they invited Spanish DJ and music producer Eddy Romero to remix the track ‘Desire’, for which the DJ brought his own twist, turning it its own with elements from Deep and Minimal, undoubtedly a track to check out.

Bubba Brothers’ ‘Desire’ starts off with a hard-hitting low-end, tribal beat, well-rounded powerful bass. The main vocals, as rhythmic elements unleash the party, guide the listening journey.

The steady House beat keeps the track’s intensity going, as the vocals continue to guide the song through a breakdown and a powerful drop that summons the listeners to join the party.

This song is an exceptional Bubba Brothers track displaying all their skills and unmistakable flavor.

The track ‘Frenetic’ features a powerful House beat, with Tribal flavors, congas, and rhythmic elements that join the mix.

A trumpet motif drives the track as it reaches its release, keeping the lively festival-like vibes up. The energetic beat maintains the intensity making this a surefire club banger.

Bubba Brothers are clear on their intention and mission to conquer many more dance floors globally. Their one-of-a-kind sound and style put them at the forefront of Electronic Dance musical acts worldwide, making them a name impossible to miss.

‘Frenetic Desire’ is out now via Mossdeb Records and available in all major online stores and streaming platforms.



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