Nibirii Festival

Nibirii debuts as a three-day festival with a star-studded lineup

Nibirii Festival returns to Dürener Badesee in August for three days of great music in mystical and immersive surroundings.

One festival, three days, four stages, three genres of music and much more. This is a very reductive description of this festival and Nibiriians will agree. Summer in Germany gets hotter during the Nibirii Festival, which this year, for the first time will stretch over three music-filled days. From 25 to 27 August, the music returns to Dürener Badesee to welcome the great tribe of music lovers, in an edition that promises to be the biggest ever.

One of the attractions of this festival is, apart from the music, the stunning surroundings. The stages are framed by a beach, a lake and a forest, one of the most immersive habitats at the Naibirri Festival. Each of the four stages is located in a distinct environment and each is dedicated to a genre of music, with one being a bit more of a hybrid. The stage dedicated to goa/psytrance will be given a new guise this year, promising to present itself in a more imposing manner than ever before to ensure a transcendental experience. By way of a portal that guides you straight into the realm of techno, the stage dedicated to this genre will host furious beats. Embedded in the meanders of the forest at a pace of 174 bpm, the stage dedicated to drum and bass is one of the most breathtaking. The last one is the hidden stage, which as the name indicates is hidden inside the forest. In this space, you will be able to hear sounds from the spectrum of tech house and techno.

At this moment, the names that belong to the first stage of the lineup announcement are already known, a very rich and star-studded sample. For the goa stage, Astrix, Bliss, Neelix and Ranji are already confirmed. From the drum and bass world, A.M.C, Delta Heavy, Gourski, Kanine and Siren will be present. Shining on the techno stage will be 999999999, Dax J, Deborah de Luca, I Hate Models, Nico Moreno and Trym. Cloudy, Zeuz and the enigmatic Stella Bossi are the names confirmed for the hidden stage. This is already a very packed list, but there are still many more to come. The next phases will follow soon.

In terms of tickets, there are available for purchase weekend tickets with or without camping and also daily tickets for Friday or Saturday. As the days go by the availability of tickets decreases, so you should make sure you get yours. Visit the official website and join the tribe.

While August doesn’t arrive, relive the aftermovie from the 2022 Nibirii Festival:


2023 is also the year that the Naibirii party series turns six years old and the date will certainly not go unmentioned. Saturday, March 4th is a night of celebration at Bootshaus in Cologne, where the three-genre concept of Naibirii will roll through the walls of this famous club. The mainfloor will belong to psytrance with Vini Vici, Reality Test, Falex & Dechant, Delta Labs, Tscherboo, Gourski & Lyne; Blackbx welcomes techno by the hands of Fatima Hajji, Zeuz, Sofie Sapuna, and Jiji; and drum and bass will dominate Dreherei with Gourski and Lyne. Tickets? Yes, there are still some here.