Ofenbach: new album, new beginnings [Magazine Featured]

Towards the end of 2022, French duo Ofenbach released their long awaited and highly anticipated debut album ‘I’ via Warner Music France.

A culmination of what has been spent honing their signature sound over the years and growing to be the most streamed French band internationally, Ofenbach have officially entered the next chapter of their rapidly growing career. As we enter a new year, it is now a time for not only reflecting on the past 12 months but looking towards what the next 12 may hold, so we sat down with Ofenbach to do exactly that.

Hi guys, thank you for joining us for this edition. It’s been an exciting time for you recently with the release of your debut album ‘I.’ Why did you decide that now was the perfect time to release this, and how long has it been in the works?

“During the pandemic we had a lot of time and decided to spend it on composing and producing new tracks. In 2022 we ended up with a lot of new songs including solid ones that we are proud of and that would fit perfectly into our album.”

The album also has some incredible collaborations including R3HAB, Ella Henderson and FAST BOY to name just a few. Did you choose these collaborators or did they come to you? What was the creation process like with each artist?

“We definitely chose them. These three artists have in common a fantastic composition talent and a true determination to make hits. Some of the album collaborations started from demos we already had and with FAST BOY, we spent a few days in the studio together in Paris.”

With ‘I,’ what story are you trying to tell through the tracks both individually and as one collection? 

“We chose this name because it is our first album. This is almost like a new start for our project. The songs tell different stories, some of them speak about love relationships that can be complicated or intense (‘Wasted Love,’ ‘Hurricane’) and some others are party anthems (‘I Ain’t Got No Worries’).”


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