Paul Shulze x Sam Welch

Paul Schulze & Sam Welch join forces for ‘In Front Of You’: Listen

Looking to follow up on a year of major releases in 2022, Paul Schulze has returned with his first new release of the new year, returning with a familiar collaborator for a massive new single.

With the bar set high from the immediate success of his previous single, Under The Night with Katy Alex, Schulze is looking to continue to push forward and gain new listeners.

Paul Schulze last teamed up with singer and songwriter Sam Welch for their single, Shadows, which dropped in October of last year and has already surpassed the 1 million plays mark on Spotify.  With this success, it certainly makes sense to run it back and prepare a proper follow-up, which the duo has done with the new single, In Front Of You.  Full of mesmerizing synths, groovy percussion, and infectious vocal melody, Schulze and Welch pick up right where they left off, crafting a radio-friendly single that will also deliver when played through a festival sound system.

Where Shadows had more of a minor-key, downtempo melody and feel, In Front Of You showcases a boost of energy and joy into the mix, both figuratively and literally in its production and orchestration.  The chorus refrain of, “No I will never choose, somebody in front of you,” is an anthem-ready lyric that is melodic and powerful.  The house rhythms of the drop section drive the energy up, creating a dance floor-ready section that rivals the works of the genre’s top dance, and pop producers of the day.  While the summer days and festivals are still a few months away, In Front Of You is primed for the season to arrive and make its mark on playlists and club stages around the world.

Check out the brilliant new single from Paul Schulze and Sam Welch, In Front Of You out now!


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