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Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso & Ryan Tedder collaboration in the works

When fans first heard the mesmerizing opening chords to Calling (Lose My Mind) back in 2012, the track seemed destined to be a staple of the music scene as it perfectly combined the energy of the new Big Room, House music scene with a vocal that was impossibly infectious on top of it.  The track would help propel Alesso to superstardom, representing his early breakout single next to the already legendary Sebastian Ingrosso and Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic fame.

Over a decade later, that driving lead and the perfect timbre of Ryan Tedder delivering lines like, “maybe heaven right now is a devil or angel away, that won’t change, together we vow that our colors will sparkle the faith,” still incite massive reactions from fans anytime it blasts from the speakers.  While all three artists have continued to hone their craft and further cement their legacy, the impact of Calling (Lose My Mind) can not be overstated.

Recently, Ryan Tedder took to Instagram to reflect on the classic track and wrote, “Flashbacks.  Still love this one.  Should we do another?”  What set the internet and rumor mill ablaze was the emphatic response from Alesso, “LET’S DO IT!!” setting off speculation and a lot of hope that the three stars will find the time to collaborate once again on a future track.  Of course, it is easy to get excited over some social media love between past collaborators but Alesso, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Ryan Tedder remain busy with their own careers and projects, and dedicating the time to properly follow up Calling could take a while.  Alesso is already engaged in a high-profile future collaboration with Martin Garrix, while Sebastian Ingrosso seems to have endless energy as he resurrects old alias’ such as Buy Now even while focusing on the recently reunited mega-group, Swedish House Mafia.

While the world will have to wait and see if Alesso, Ingrosso, and Tedder do team up for a proper follow-up, it is always a good time to go back and listen to Calling (Lose My Mind) again.



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