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Sander van Doorn makes solo debut on Armada Music with ‘Sunlight’: Listen

Sander van Doorn has blessed us with brand new music in the form of “Sunlight”, landing on Armada Music this week.

Industry stalwart Sander van Doorn has made his long-awaited debut on Armada Music with his latest single “Sunlight”, featuring Dan Soleil. Having recently released a number of tracks under his Purple Haze alias, the Dutchman is back under his main moniker, with this mesmerising melodic techno production.

Sander’s first-ever original release on Armada Music is a record designed for club space glory. “Sunlight” symbolises his new, more positive and healthier attitude toward life, brandishing expansive synth-work and meticulous percussive arrangements in the process. Flaunting a further flawless synergy between Soleil’s dreamy vocals and the soaring lead synths that float throughout, this brand-new offering is simply irresistible.

Speaking of his new track, Sander outlined his emotions in making and releasing this work with Dan Soleil and Armada Music;

“It’s safe to say ‘Sunlight’ is a track we’re both very proud of […] It also feels great to release on Armada Music. They’re professionals who really know what they’re doing, so it’s actually a bit strange that it’s taken this long for me to release an original single on the label. I’ve met the team quite regularly on tour and we’ve always had the intention to work together again, but the right moment and appropriate track only came round just now. I think ‘Sunlight’ fits the style and sound of Armada Music to a tee, so it makes a lot of sense teaming up with them now.”

Be sure to listen to Sander van Doorn’s new single “Sunlight”, for yourselves below.


Image Credit: Carin Verbruggen / Provided by Armada PR

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