Sikdope releases new hard-hitting track ‘I Got Lost In Berlin’: Listen

Sikdope is back with a new release ‘I Got Lost In Berlin’ which is said to be inspired by Love Parade and his first visit to the mecca of techno and industrial architecture.

Sikdope is certainly not one to sleep on. The Polish artist flexes his production prowess by showcasing his style from vicious bass-house to radio-ready progressive cuts to futuristic trap sensibilities, so he’s always keeping everyone guessing. No matter what angle he’s taking, his music is guaranteed to get the crowd going.

The beatsmith is back on Spinnin’ Records with his new single ‘I Got Lost In Berlin’, an underground-influenced track inspired by his very first trip to the capital city of Germany. Sikdope has a reputation for being a chameleon in the studio, and this time he breaks out cinematic, ominous opening melodies with a gravelly voiceover and an intense drop that’s not for the faint of heart. “I Got Lost in Berlin” pays homage to some nostalgic techno beats and the famous Love Parade festival but with a modern flair, making for the perfect track to transport you to the secretive, selective, and dark clubs of this multifaceted city. Press play and prepare to get lost in Sikdope‘s world for yourself.

“Getting lost in the local music scene, architecture, and food. The main drop sound and whistle fillers have been inspired by the old school music festival ‘Love Parade’ I think that many people who are clubbing in Berlin are getting lost in music because time passes slowly there”, says Sikdope

Listen to the hard-hitting track here.


Image Credit: Sikdope (Press) / Provided by Unfolded PR