Skrillex teases the release of highly anticipated Fred again.. & Four Tet collab ‘Baby Again’

While his status as a legend of the dance music scene was cemented over a decade ago, Skrillex certainly made sure that February 2023 would put him in the Greatest Of All Time conversation.  With the promise of not one but two new albums this year, Skrillex took over New York City with the help of Fred Again.. and Four Tet, putting on a slew of pop-up performances before releasing both albums during a wild 24 hours.

Skrillex delivered his previously promised album, A Quest For Fire on February 17th, before catching fans off guard during his five-hour Madison Square Garden pop-up performance, and revealing that a second album, Don’t Get Too Close, had hit streaming services in the middle of the set, just the day after the previous album.  While this burst of new music was met with mass hysteria for a music scene that waited nine years for the new album, it seems that Skrillex is not done releasing tracks this year.

Taking to Twitter, Skrillex tagged his boys Fred Again.. and Four Tet before simply stating, “let’s drop baby again soon.”  He followed that up with a clip from the Madison Square Garden set, showing the three DJs behind the decks with just the words, “baby again MSG” to caption the post.  While there is no doubt that fans are still recovering from receiving two albums so suddenly in the middle of February, there is no doubt that any further releases would be welcomed with open arms.  It would seem that after the nine-year album hiatus, as well as several forrays into other projects and passions, the American producer and DJ is ready to unleash as much new music as possible upon the world.

Although no official details or release date has been revealed, it is clear from the recent actions of Skrillex that it can come anytime and will probably be sooner than anyone expects it.

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