Madison Square Garden - Skrillex, Four Tet, Fred Again by Theo Batterham 02

Skrillex, Fred Again.. & Four Tet play surprise set from school bus in Times Square: Watch

With the long-awaited arrival of the new Skrillex album, Quest For Fire dropping on February 17th, he and his friends Four Tet and Fred Again.. embarked upon New York City to play a run of surprise pop-up shows. While none drew more notoriety or attention than their stop at the legendary Madison Square Garden, the decision to take over Times Square on a Friday afternoon did not go unnoticed.

As the busy streets of New York City went about their business on Friday morning, the average tourist and engaged music fans noticed a set of barricades being erected in the legendary heart of New York in Times Square.  By early afternoon, news had spread that Skrillex, Fred Again.., and Four Tet would occupy the setup, which would feature a school bus outfitted with a complete set of CDJs and sound system for a surprise late afternoon performance.  As 4 PM rolled around, the crowd had swelled to fill the square as the three Djs stepped into the bus and Fred Again.. took the first turn at the mixer.  After two last-minute small club engagements during the week, both selling out immediately, this would be their first free and impromptu public event of the week, bringing house, riddim, and dubstep to the infamous public square.

At this time, fans of Skrillex had spent the day digesting his brand new album, Quest For Fire, and this mid-afternoon set was just another in the unpredictable stops that the trio would make throughout the week.  Sponsored by New York’s own The Lot Radio, a 24/7 radio streaming service broadcasting from an empty container in the city, it broke away from its dedicated space to bring the Times Square event to fans around the world.  While the rain came and went throughout the event, it did nothing to slow down the excitement of Skrillex, Four Tet, and Fred Again.. putting on a free show for the gathered audience fortunate enough to catch the one-hour set.

If you missed the set, or are just hearing about it now, the stream has been uploaded and can be rewatched anytime below.



Image Credit: Theo Batterham / Provided by Atlantic Records

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