Starkillers & Andrea Godin

Starkillers & Andrea Godin join forces on new single ‘Zilliqa’: Listen

With a long history of solid output and a strong relationship, fellow producers and songwriters Andrea Godin and Starkillers have returned with their latest single, which contains a musical nod to the past with a dedication to the currency of the future. Simply titled Zilliqa, the new release is a dark and exciting journey inspired by a popular crypto coin that both artists have invested in.

While the thrill and high points of the 2021 crypto market have come and gone, those committed to digital currency and the many possible applications it may hold for the future, are keeping an eye on the markets and playing the long game.  Starkillers and Andrea Godin both see the massive potential and upside to the crypto market and one of the key coins on their radar is Zilliqa, a decentralized blockchain with its own native coin.  Without going down a Web3 rabbit hole, the producers have created an incredible house track that should excite fans new and old in the dance music world.

“We are both heavily into the cryptocurrency world and one of the main coins that we are involved in is called Zilliqa. We wanted to make a record with ‘techy’ style sounds that represented this new blockchain technology. In the song artwork we also incorporated the brand colours of Zilliqa which are turquoise and black.

Starkillers has had a long history of being directly involved in the house club scene in the 90’s and 2000’s in Miami, New York, and Chicago. This combined with Andrea’s near 20 years of writing experience has allowed us to really capture a distinct nostalgic sound reminiscent of club nights in the 90’s.

This is our first track in well over a year that is very much underground and really resonates with pure house music fans.”

With its pumping bass, dark percussion, and ominous effects and vocals, the track certainly feels ripped from a prior era of house music and yet feels perfectly at home in the modern day.  No matter one’s opinion on cryptocurrency, Starkillers, and Andrea Godin has unleashed a hard-hitting new club anthem to the world!


Image Credits: Starkillers (Press) & Andrea Godin (Press) / Provided by Artists

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