Ten City, Byron Stingily And Marshall Jefferson

House music legends Ten City will drop their new album ‘Love Is Love’ on Black History Month

Ten City are celebrating Black History Month with a brand-new album, dropping on February 17 on Helix Records.

Every year in February, Black History Month is celebrated in America. It is a month of reflection, remembrance and tribute to the achievements of African-Americans and recognition of their pivotal role in shaping the history of the United States as we know it today. It is not possible to understand African-American culture without including music, in particular house music. The genre was born in Chicago’s underground scene and its roots are cemented in African American culture, making it relevant to celebrate music during Black History Month. That’s exactly what the legendary Tem City have decided to do, seizing the occasion and celebrating it with the release of their new album. ‘Love Is Love’ is set to be released on February 17 on Helix Records, but you can already pre-save it here.

Ten City are synonymous with house music in its early days, heavily influenced by the energy of disco. Consisting of the legendary Marshall Jefferson and Byron Stingily, Ten City emerged in the late 80s. Destined for stardom, they are the authors of strong hits such as ‘Right Back To You‘ or ‘That’s the Way Love Is‘, successes that were followed by many others. Adapting to the times without losing their authentic identity, Ten City still weight the charts, showing the relevance that their productions still have today. About his career, Ten City’s Byron Stingily said in an interview with Variety:

“When we started house music 35 years ago, I wanted to do music that was accessible and would reach everybody and people would love it. We can’t be selfish with house music if we want it to go forward. Not only should we be happy to see Cardi B and Drake and Beyonce doing it, but we also should embrace it. Slick Rick is receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award from the Grammys. I would like to see the same thing for house music, see some of the originators receiving lifetime recognition. House music, it’s a very positive music and I don’t want to hold it in in the underground.”

Byron also adds that 2023 is the year of self-affirmation and self-love, being the ideal moment to release the album ‘Love Is Love’. From this upcoming LP, two singles are already known. The title track ‘Love Is Love‘, released in October last year, is an ode to forbidden loves. Featuring a moving bassline, it’s a modern approach to impossible passions, laced with synthetic strings. ‘I Love Me‘ is the result of a collaboration between Ten City and UK duo Wh0, an unexpected combination but with a superb result. The track is an explosion of good mood armed with uplifting piano tabs and Byron’s distinctive falsetto. Both tracks are a strong sample of the concept explored on the new album, which celebrates love more than anything. There are 10 tracks in all, which will be worth listening to from start to finish:



  1. Love is Love
  2. All In One Night
  3. Losing My Mind
  4. Strange Times
  5. Casual
  6. A Girl Named Phil
  7. I Love Me w/ Wh0
  8. Magic
  9. Family
  10. Woman of the Sun

Image Credit: Ten City Press / Courtesy of Neighbourhood PR