Tensteps begins album rollout with new single, ‘Broken Ones,” with Linney

As a protege of Trance icon Andrew Rayel, US-born producer Tensteps is looking to forge his own path while delivering his own brand of emotionally driven Trance anthems.  With a slew of massive tracks already under his belt, 2023 looks to be his breakout year as he will be showcasing his talents in the studio and on the road all year long.

With his first release of the new year, Tensteps enlists the vocal talents of Linney for their second collaboration, Broken Ones, which follows up their 2020 release, One With Me.  This time, the stakes are even higher as the producer has revealed on social media that this single is the start of his push towards the release of his debut album, set to arrive on Find Your Harmony later this year.  The passion and commitment of Tensteps and Linney are evident in every note of the track and the producer discusses his attachment to the new single and the impact of the writing process on him:

“I co-wrote this song with Linney and her husband Jeff over a year and a half ago, when many areas were still under heavy Covid restrictions, and one of the things I remember thinking about around that time was, what was going to happen at the end of this when everyone re-emerges? We were sort of walking out into this new world that had changed so much from only a little while ago. The song ended up taking on a meaning, for me personally anyway, of leaving behind the past and marching forward and growing stronger from everything you’ve been through. We never really said out loud during our writing session on Zoom what specifically was inspiring what we were writing, but I think that’s sort of where my head was at, even if just subconsciously.”

While there will be much more music to come from Tensteps in 2023, the New Jersey-born DJ has also been spending time on the road, opening up for Andrew Rayel across the States on his Lifeline Tour.  Listen to the new single, Broken Ones now and be prepared for much more from Tensteps in the upcoming months.

Image Credit: Tensteps/ Provided by Artist

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