The Blessed Madonna

The Blessed Madonna shares her cathartic collaboration with Jamie Principle ‘We Still Believe’: Listen

The Blessed Madonna has recruited house legend Jamie Principle to re-record an old track that is a real love letter to the embryonic years of house music.

The Blessed Madonna is on fire. Irreverent and champion of the right causes, the DJ and music producer has been playing high cards. From Kentucky to the world, The Blessed Madonna has spent the last two decades spreading her uplifting magic to the globe, alongside the big names in house music. Despite rumours that a debut album may be on the horizon, nothing concrete is known about this. What is known is that the release charts have been getting a few offers and this is just a taste of what’s to come. In November last year The Blessed Madonna released the emphatic ‘Serotonin Moonbeams‘ and now teams up with the unmatched Jamie Principle for the incredible new single ‘We Still Believe‘, available now via Warner Records.

‘We Still Believe’ has a beautiful story behind it, very significant to The Blessed Madonna, as she describes it:

“I wrote and recorded a version of this song that shares a name with the party alone in my attic over a decade ago, writing the lyrics on the back of a record sleeve and recording them into my blackberry under a blanket. I distorted my own vocals on the original, but imagined that the song would someday be performed by Jamie Principle, arguably the first real writer in house music and my hero. Eventually, years later, Jamie and I met and became beloved friends. Jamie kindly agreed to re-record the song I wrote for him before I knew him and here we are, writing the next chapter together and doing it the way I imagined it all those years ago. Soulwax chimed in on the final version and the result is absolutely fresh”

‘We Still Believe’ is fun, it’s freedom and euphoria. It is another sonic portrait of The Blessed Madonna, this time dedicated to the beginnings of house and its values. The artist still believes in music as an inclusive communion of one greater love, something she shares with the fans with this celebratory re-work. Jamie Principle’s voice gives an incredible depth to the lyrics of The Blessed Madonna, a pairing of talent wrapped in an uplifting melody. It’s perfect to get this week off to a good start.


Image Credit: The Blessed Madonna (Press) / Provided by  Warner Music Group