Tiesto Trance

Dj Tiësto iconic performance from Innercity Amsterdam in 1999 gets reuploaded in 4K through AI enhanced

Tiësto is back. Yes, that’s correct, but not in the usual way you would think. Actually, it is his past that has returned, as one of his most memorable sets at the turn of the century has just gotten an incredible digital makeover and has now seen a resurgence.

Over the past few months, the world has begun to truly see the magic that artificial intelligence can bring to music. Countless images and videos that were once deemed as out-of-date are now getting a proper high-definition touch-up that raises the quality to the standards of today. Not only has this brought excitement to the content of the past, but has helped save it from becoming a forgotten piece of history. And now one of electronic music’s biggest legends just got one of his most iconic sets remastered with the help of AI enhancement, Tiësto.

Just recently, a 22-minute portion of Tiësto’s Innercity Amsterdam set from 1999 was reuploaded to YouTube, but this time in 4K thanks to the help of AI enhancement. A process that uses a web-based or downloadable application to enhance images through machine learning without any information loss. Fans can now enjoy a classic Tiësto trance performance that looks absolutely stunning from the first to the last second. One of the most remarkable things when watching this video is you’ll find yourself completely forgetting what year the recording took place as if it is only a decade or so old. The newly enhanced footage is incredibly smooth and does not show any indication of being put through an AI processor. It looks every bit as natural as the original video, but a hundred times better in quality.

For some, the idea of having to relive a number of dance music’s most memorable moments through a grainy 380p picture deterred them from ever getting to experience the early foundations of the scene. But now, that is no longer the case, and this Innercity Amsterdam set from Tiësto is a great example. Now, both the younger and older generations of electronic music fans can all have a connection to the past without sacrificing any quality.

Watch the entire 22-minute 1999 Innercity Amsterdam set from Tiësto below.


Image Credit: Rudgr.com

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