Tycho celebrates 20 years of debut EP ‘The Science of Patterns’ with digital release

San Francisco-based artist Tycho celebrates the 20th anniversary of his debut EP, ‘The Science of Patterns’ by releasing the digital version for the first time ever via the Tycho Open Source Community.  

Scott Hansen, more commonly known as GRAMMY® award-nominated artist Tycho, ventures into the Web3 digital world by releasing his 2002 EP ‘The Science of Patterns’ through the Tycho Open Source community. Fans who join the Open Source community will receive the 20th Anniversary edition of the EP, which includes the 2007 fifth bonus track ‘In the End,’ as well as access to participate in owning digital goods offered via the Polygon blockchain.

“The Science of Patterns is where it all began, the first Tycho release, available for the first time ever digitally. The release will be the only time the uncompressed audio files will be available for download to date. I had first started experimenting with music in 1999 while working my day job as a designer. A serious injury in 2001 kept me home for several months and I decided to use this as an opportunity to finish my first official release. At the time digital distribution was almost non-existent so I set out to press the EP to compact disc and self-release it. The files you will receive are the original files I sent to the CD manufacturer, completely unaltered and uncompressed.” – Tycho

In addition to the EP, collectors will also be able to buy the Open Source colorway of the vinyl pressing and gain an entry to win The Science of Patterns golden ticket rewards. Golden ticket rewards include exclusives such as a virtual studio tour with Tycho, the chance to win the Korg Minilogue synth used to produce the EP,  a branded pre-release Ledger Stax, a one-of-one gold leaf digital version of the digital release and one of 20 five-of-five special editions of the artwork designed by Tycho.

Be sure to check out Tycho’s EP ‘The Science of Patterns’ by joining the Tycho Open Source Community.


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