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Yohann Warren unveils huge ‘Lions In The Wild x DNA’ mashup previously supported by Martin Garrix: Listen

Played at festivals such as Creamfields and Tomorrowland by Martin Garrix himself, Yohann Warren has now released the viral mashup of Martin Garrix & Third Party‘s ‘Lions In The Wild‘ and Corey James‘ ‘DNA.’

All starting back in 2019 when Yohann Warren made a mashup of the hugely popular ‘Lions In The Wild’ and Corey James’ SIZE Records release ‘DNA,’ the time has come for him to now officially release it for free download after it fast became a staple in his sets and a huge crowd pleaser when Corey James himself sent it to Martin Garrix.


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There’s no denying the power that each track has on festival crowds worldwide when dropped on their own, but when you mash them up together it has earth-shattering power, something that Warren found out for himself. With Garrix debuting it at his headlining performance at Creamfields 2021 when he closed the festival on Sunday night, Yohann Warren’s career found itself unsurprisingly growing exponentially.

Not just a master of mashups though, his original releases have also gotten attention from other power players like Dada Life, Fedde Le Grand, Mike Williams and others, with his next single in March seeing a release on Dada Life’s Crash & Smile label. Just getting started, 2023 is looking to be his biggest year yet.

The ‘Lions In The Wild x DNA’ mashup is available to listen to below, as well as for free download here.

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