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Yotto releases authentic second studio album titled ‘Growth’: Listen

Finnish DJ and producer Yotto has received immense praise of the back of the release of his second studio album, ‘Growth’, earlier this month.

In follow up to his debut album ‘Hyperfall’ released back in 2018, Yotto has dropped his second studio LP, ‘Growth’ to the satisfaction of his fans. Delivered under his own label Odd One Out, the 13-tracker arrives as an atmospheric deep house experience for its listeners.

‘Growth’ embodies the explorative nature of the producer himself, as evident in the first couple of tracks alone. Each of them intricately different than one another, ‘Intro’ lays out the foundations with shimmering synths warming us up for the mesmeric melodies of ‘Hollow’ which sees the first vocal contributions from the immensely talented MØØNE.

Soon we delve into ‘Meadow’ a track that offers up an epic contrast between its light top-line melodies and dark bassline stabs. As we become more and more hypnotised by his meticulous arrangements and synth-work, we transition into the groove-infused low-end of ‘Just the Kinda Feeling’; another remarkable collaboration, this time in tandem with Lost Boy.

One of the albums two singles then rings true, with the scintillating piano tones of ‘Just Over‘ resonating across 3-minutes of simply irresistible deep house. Electronic subtleties tie into the track that ensues in ‘No Ending’ as he once again blends in a female vocal, in the form of the catchy Julia Church hook that floats throughout.

Aptly titled, ‘Timbre’ brings fresh energy to the album, particularly in its bullish approach in regards to its percussive arrangement. ‘Remember Me?’ maintains the tempo as we reach the tail-end of the album, with his Booka Shade collab ‘Encounters’ possessing a similar kind of feel, with atmospheric synths that wouldn’t go amiss in a venue like London’s Printworks, which he is due to play next month.

The other album single, ‘Let You Go’ marks the beginning of the end of the album in empathic fashion, building layers and subsequent emotion with AunA’s sublime vocal contributions as the focal point. One of the strangest named tracks on any album, ‘Would You Like Fries with That?’ brings with it one of the most euphoric builds on the entire LP, before ‘Breezer’ and ‘Rimini Trance Energy’ provide the ambient crescendo that this exceptional album deserves.

You can listen to the new Yotto album, ‘Growth’, in all its brilliance below. That, or schedule yourself a trip to see him on tour later this year as he takes his new music on the road to a number of different cities worldwide.

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