Adam Beyer & Cirez D in full control over the Ultra Miami Resistance Stage [Live]

Are you ready to experience one of the most electrifying sets of the year? Look no further than the ongoing live stream of Adam Beyer B2B Cirez D playing at Ultra Miami Resistance stage!


The techno titans will take the stage at Ultra Miami to deliver a mind-blowing set that is sure to leave fans speechless. Adam Beyer, the founder of Drumcode Records, and Cirez D, the techno alias of the legendary Eric Prydz, are two of the most respected and innovative names in the industry. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in electronic music.

The Ultra Miami Resistance stage is known for its cutting-edge sound and lighting systems, creating an immersive experience that transports fans to another world. The stage has hosted some of the biggest names in techno and house music, and this year’s lineup is no exception.

As the two techno legends take the stage, fans can expect a seamless fusion of their individual sounds. Adam Beyer’s driving, percussive beats will blend perfectly with Cirez D’s ethereal melodies and futuristic soundscapes. The result will be a set that is both hypnotic and energizing, taking fans on a journey through the deepest depths of techno.

Whether you’re a seasoned techno aficionado or a casual fan of electronic music, this is a set you won’t want to miss. From the mind-bending visuals to the pounding basslines, Adam Beyer B2B Cirez D at Ultra Miami Resistance stage is sure to be one of the most memorable performances of the year. Catch the duo live down below:



Image credit: Tomorrowland

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