Alison Goldfrapp

Alison Goldfrapp will release debut solo album ‘The Love Intention’ in May 2023

Alison Goldfrapp is all set for the first major release of her solo venture with the announcement of her upcoming solo debut album ‘The Love Intention’, which is set to be released on May 12th via Skint/BMG Music.

With massive collaborations from the veteran producers of the industry including Richard X, James Greenwood and Toby Scott, admirers of Goldfrapp music would be able to witness Alison exploring brand new dimensions through ‘The Love Intention‘, which is an exotic showcase of the house and disco elements that have defined and inspired the artist over the years.

If the announcement wasn’t enough in itself, the artist has also unveiled the hypnotic lead single So Hard So Hot, a hypnotic and rhythm-inducing track, featuring glossy synths and a contorting bassline. The song captures the joy of a dancefloor with its anthemic house beat and is accompanied by a psychedelic video directed in collaboration with Mat Maitland.

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Image Credit: Mat Maitland / Provided by The Oriel Company

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