Armin van Buuren & Ferry Corsten

Armin van Buuren & Ferry Corsten create a euphoric trance experience at Ultra Music Festival 2023

Ultra Music Festival 2023 witnessed a magical B2B set of the biggest names in trance music: Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten. These trance legends joined forces to deliver an unforgettable performance that left the audience in a state of pure euphoria.

With their signature sounds, mesmerizing melodies, and captivating visuals, Armin van Buuren and Ferry Corsten took the festival-goers on a journey through the ethereal realm of trance music. Their B2B set on the Worldwide Stage was a true testament to the power of trance music and the unifying effect it can have on people from all walks of life.

On Friday, the Worldwide Stage witnessed a one-hour solo performance by the illustrious trance legend Ferry, who wrapped up his set with a mesmerizing trance treatment in collaboration with his close friend, Armin van Buuren, who then closed the Worldwide Stage after an electrifying set by Gareth Emery. Fans of A State of Trance would be tremendously happy and thrilled to witness Armin B2B Ferry fulfilling the dreams of numerous Ultranauts.

The 30 mins B2B set featured some timeless trance hits from Armin and Ferry along with the latter’s alias System F and Gouryella. The duo kicked off with a funky remix of Da Hool‘s classic track, ‘Meet Her At the Loveparade’, igniting the crowd with its iconic melody. The set then delved into the trance realm with one of Armin’s biggest trance hits, ‘Serenity’, followed by a special 2023 edit of Ben Gold‘s ASOT 750 Anthem, ‘I’m In A State Of Trance’. As the set progressed, things only got better, with the inclusion of a System F and Armin van Buuren collaboration from 2001, ‘Exhale’, and a brilliant mashup of their iconic collaboration ‘Brute’ and Ferry’s ‘Live Forever’. The final 15 minutes witnessed the crowd’s euphoric joy as Armin’s ‘Communication Part 3’ hit the stage, accompanied by the classic ‘Anahera’ by Gouryella and the recent System F revival of the timeless ‘Adagio For Strings’.

Check out the audio set and tracklist here.


Image Credits: SNDR / Provided by Armada PR [Armin van Buuren] & Ferry Corsten Press / Provided by Armada PR [Ferry Corsten]

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