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Armin van Buuren gets ‘Vulnerable’ on new single with Vanessa Campagna

Armin van Buuren has now teamed up with Vanessa Campagna, as they get ‘Vulnerable‘ on their newest single.

Armin van Buuren delivers his latest anthem, ‘Vulnerable,’ with singer Vanessa Campagna ahead of his next full album release ‘Feel Again‘ at the start of next month. Longtime fans of the Dutch producer will recognize his continued evolution and journey through a variety of genres as he extends well past the boundaries of his early trance works. With the release of ‘Vulnerable,’ van Buuren offers a sound and production that should delight fans new and old. Built around the incredible vocal performance of Campagna, the track showcases a wide variety of trance sounds and production to deliver a hard-hitting track that feels at home both on the radio and blasting from a festival stage.

The chorus refrain describes the reality of love, the sometimes heartbreaking need to open up while trusting another person to care for and nurture one’s heart and feelings, summarized by the lyric, “I’m not afraid to be vulnerable with you, When you love me like.” It is a massive vocal line, perfect for love and care that comes from trance audiences around the globe, a line that will no doubt sound incredible as thousands of fans sing it back as Armin van Buuren delivers the track from stages around the world. That moment of love and vulnerability quickly gives way to the hard-hitting lead and pounding percussion of the larger-than-life drop that follows that refrain.

With the complete album dropping on March 31, ‘Vulnerable’ is another exciting track from what will surely be one of the largest and most ambitious albums released in 2023.

Image Credit: SNDR / Provided by Armada PR

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