ARTBAT announces that Artur will step away from group as he undergoes surgery

ARTBAT has always been about more than just music, representing the need to come together as a music community, and as human beings to support and care for one another.  Now, one-half of the Ukranian duo is in need of support as he will be stepping away from upcoming live performances as he requires immediate medical care.

The duo of ARTBAT has risen to prominence in recent years thanks to their high-energy performances and support from industry heavyweights such as David Guetta.  The duo of Artur and Batish has taken to stages around the world during their storied career, even gracing the main stage of Tomorrowland in the summer of 2022, a true celebration of their growth and moment of strength as their homeland continues to be plagued by the horrors of the ongoing Russian invasion.  Now the group has taken to Instagram to reveal their own internal struggles as one of their own faces a critical health emergency.

In a statement made via Instagram stories, the group has announced that Artur will require surgery immediately meaning that Batish will be performing solo for the upcoming performances on the duo’s calendar.  While the statement does not reveal the reason for the surgery, it is stated that Artur is “going through a life-depending stage,” and he will need to step away from performances while he addresses his health concerns.

The post goes on to showcase the unity and support for which the group is known for, further writing, “That being said, we are not stopping to work on music, on the contrary.  We just have to through this important period of time with strength and support.  Artur will be back stronger than ever.”

View a screenshot of the announcement below and join everyone here at We Rave You in wishing Artur a successful surgery and prompt recovery as we look forward to his return to the stage in the future!


Image Credit: ARTBAT/ Instagram

Image Credit: ARTBAT (Press)

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