Avicii classics get the Lullaby Treatment


Listening to these six iconic Avicii lullaby anthems will be sure to get your baby raver through “The Nights”.


The AVICII songs that defined an entire generation of EDM enthusiasts are known for their uplifting and energetic beats, and now they are headlining the mainstage of your child’s nursery. The Swedish producer and DJ, who passed away in 2018, has had his songs reimagined by musician and composer Tom Bates in an album called, “Lullaby Renditions of Avicii”


As a producer for the children’s cover music group, TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE ROCKSTAR, Tom is known for producing lullaby renditions of songs by artists such as Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran. He claims that he was inspired to create this album as a way for parents to share their love for Avicii’s music with their children. “Avicii’s music is so full of positivity and joy that it seemed like the perfect candidate for a lullaby album,” Bates said in a statement. The album showcases ambient instrumental versions of some of Avicii’s greatest hits, including “Wake Me Up” and “Levels,” as well as his collaboration with Nicky Romero called “I Could Be the One”. The songs are played at a lower tempo and softer instrumentation to create a calming and peaceful experience for both children and adults.


While many are accustomed to the same nursery rhymes that have been drilled into the ears of infants for generations, the trend of popular songs being reimagined in this way is rewriting the book on what music can be considered a therapeutic tool for children. From classic rock to contemporary pop, numerous artists and producers have tackled the challenge of turning beloved songs into gentle nursery rhymes. For Avicii fans, this album creates a unique opportunity to pass on their most beloved dance songs in a way that caters to sensitive ears. And for parents who may not be familiar with Avicii’s music, it’s a chance to discover a new artist and introduce their children to the world of electronic dance music.


Overall, “Lullaby Renditions of Avicii” is a creative and innovative way to bring the artistry of Avicii to a new generation. As Bates says,

“I hope that this album will provide parents with a way to introduce their kids to the music of Avicii in a unique and meaningful way.”



Image credit: Rukes.com

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