Avicii look-alike Rapyd

Avicii look-alike brings distress after Israeli company hires him to ‘perform’ at their event

Making the headlines once again, this time not with the best of outcomes, Israeli fintech company Rapyd took the opportunity of paying their respects to the late Avicii during their event that was held as part of the Purim celebrations in their nation. A decision that has now been scrutinized and described as “bad taste,” the company went on to hire a look-alike of the Swedish icon, and in fact, have that individual perform a set with all the biggest hits of Avicii. Although unintentional, Rapyd has been accused of showing a lack of respect and sympathy towards the family, loved ones, and of course, the fans of Avicii, as their decision to pay a tribute on their own accord and in such a manner, can be deemed as both distasteful and inappropriate, to say the least.

Having organized yet another spectacular event, everyone in attendance was able to celebrate Purim in the most immersive of fashions, with the likes of Itay Itzhaki, Itay Gallo, and the one and only Like Mike, all on the lineup and putting on quite the show. This, however, was cut short with the appearance of the look-alike Avicii and the reaction that was omitted from the crowd, in turn, causing outrage amongst the audience who were witnessing something in that in their own words; “it was really embarrassing,” and “their intention was different, but in practice, they dishonored Avicii’s honor.” A setback in a sense for Rapyd, it was an obvious error on their part, however, it seems more like a decision that was made with only pure intentions, and despite the negative critics and response, the company is in a position where amends can be made sooner rather than later.

Growing in popularity with their private working events, it was not that long ago that Rapyd held not one, but two of such nature, with their employees witnessing pure greatness on either occasion. From booking Martin Garrix, Tiesto, and Armin van Buuren for one work party, and Axwell, Steve Angelo, and Alesso for another, it comes as no surprise how electronic music plays a pivotal role for not only the company but also their whole working environment. Maintaining a workplace in the most efficient and effective manners, Rapyd shows no signs of slowing down in terms of offering the very best for their employees, and despite the setback caused last Thursday, they are more than capable of making things right and getting back on track. With this in mind, we would like to also know your own thoughts on the matter in the comments section, and in particular, how their way of paying tribute to Avicii could be handled in a more appropriate and respectful manner.






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